Newsletter Management Services:

You’ll need a 3rd party service like the ones listed below to manage your email lists, automate trials to your investment newsletter, and help deliver your newsletter beyond your readers’ spam filters.  Once you capture a prospect’s email address, you will use these systems to market your newsletter directly to them.

Featured Listing: MailChimp

I’ve used MailChimp for years to manage my outbound email marketing. It’s hands-down the easiest system out there to get up and running.  You absolutely need a firm like MailChimp to ensure that your marketing emails and newsletter copies don’t end up getting lost in spam filters. MailChimp is a great solution to grow your circulation, manage your subscribers, and increase your advertising revenue. Easy to use templates with a trigger-based messaging system I use to send free trial issues out to prospective buyers. Sign up for a free account here.

Other email management systems:



Get a great design for your newsletter

Getting a good graphic design for your newsletter is really important for standing out among all the other average newsletters. I recommend not doing something TOO OVERLY designed, because the data show that simpler is better in terms of getting your newsletter read. So get something nice and clean.

You have a few options to get design right with your newsletter

  1. Off the shelf theme: Go to Themeforest. It’s a marketplace of themes and has a pretty robust selection of newsletter design themes. Find one that’s compatible with your email service (see above) and one that’s responsive (that means it will work well on mobile, as well as when your subscribes view your newsletter on their computers). Newsletter themes range in price from $7 to $45.
  2. Get a custom theme: 99designs is a great site that has various designers work together to make you a custom logo, website theme, book covers, and….newsletter themes. You pay for a project, explain what you want, and then sit back and let talented designers make you a custom newsletter theme.
  3. Use the themes included with your newsletter service, like Mailchimp. Most services that you’ll use to send out your newsletter will have some pre-built themes for sending out a nice looking newsletter.


Customize newsletter signup pages

Whether you charge for your newsletter or give away a freebie, the page where people go to signup for your newsletter is very important. These pages need to both look nice and describe exactly why subscribers should subscribe to your newsletter. You have a variety of choices

  • Build your own landing page. OptimizePress is a tool I use a lot. It’s a website builder that enables a user to build a site on WordPress and to create nice looking, easy-to-customize landing pages to get people to optin to your newsletter.
  • Buy a landing page template. Themeforest is a marketplace for themes of all kinds, including landing pages. Check out the selection, buy a theme, and customize.
  • Other options include LeadPages
  • Capture newsletter signups with popup boxes on your website: You know those (semi) annoying boxes that popup on on websites asking you to subscribe to newsletters or download a free report? They may be annoying, but they work…my lists saw 300% increase when I started using Popup Domination, one of the leading DIY tools to make nice looking popups and send the email addresses you capture straight over to your newsletter service you use to send. Works with WordPress. Check out Popup Domination and start building your subscriber lists.

Build your website:

You’ll need a blog as your home on the Internet and a place to prove to prospective subscribers how smart you really are. These are the best blogging platforms around.
WordPress (or if you like tinkering more)


Web Marketing:

Marketing is 90% of the sale and these resources provide real advice for the real world and will make you a better marketer. Selling is not easy — the better marketer you are, the easier you’ll close the sale.
Chris Brogan
Gary Veynerchuk


Copywriting Resources:

learn how to write great copy for your blog and newsletter and how to make people feel the need to subscribe.


Newsletter Distribution Companies

You may end up partnering with one of these companies to help promote your newsletter. Regardless, these are a couple of firms acting as clearinghouses for financial newsletters.
Forbes Newsletters
Taipan Publishing Group
Agora Financial